World Diabetes Day at Homework HUB

The Association of Students of the Faculty of Health Studies of the University of Sarajevo, in coordination with the Homework HUB, marked World Diabetes Day today in the Miss Irby hall.

All HUB members got the opportunity to get acquainted with this disease, types, treatment, and prevention. The educational lecture was given by mr. lab. teh. Almedina Hajrović, an assistant at the Faculty of Health Studies.

Today, hard-working students measured their colleagues’ blood sugar, measured their blood pressure, determined their blood groups, and measured their MBI.

We need to become more responsible for our health, and with this activity, we have measured the sugar level of over 30 young people and raised awareness about this disease.

Kudos to the students of the Association of the Faculty of Health Studies and thank you for today’s activity and willingness to cooperate for every type of activity for students!

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