You are currently viewing HUB lecture XIII: Sanin Bašić – IT for beginners

HUB lecture XIII: Sanin Bašić – IT for beginners

Yesterday, a HUB lecture was organized in the Miss Irby hall with Sanin Bašić, a student at Burch University, on the topic: IT for beginners. Everyone present, and especially our youngest future engineers, gained new knowledge about IT as a science of the modern age, but also some additional useful advice.

The interactive lecture and discussion that followed resulted in winning a chocolate bar as a reward for solving tasks that Sanin set for the participants. We thank Sanin for the lecture and wish him a lot of success in his further work and studies.

The goal of HUB lectures was created to provide students with a chance to present what they have learned or what they feel particularly passionate about, to practice their presentation skills, but also for those present to learn something new and take a break from everyday life and the material they are studying.

As we pointed out before, there are no special “guests” everyone present can take a 30-minute break from studying and listen to a colleague, as was the case yesterday.