Homework Hub

prvi univerziztetski HUB u BiH


Homework HUB is the first university HUB in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was made for both university and high school students, but also for freelancers. 

Homework HUB’s goal is to connect the youth over the common goal of education, studying, finishing errands, and creating innovation. All of this is to be done in a relaxing and motivational atmosphere. 

Study breaks are reserved for coffee or a cold drink in the HUB lobby. Homework HUB’s core goal is to become the first research center that will make study material accessible to all students.

Homework HUB is now 24/7!

Individual and group studying

Whether you like to study in a group or individually Homework HUB has space made just for you. For the most hard-working students Homework HUB also has monthly membership options.

Freelance work

For all freelancers, Homework HUB offers workplace in both noisy and silent zones. Homework HUB can become your space for work with monthly, daily, or hourly cards.

Events and activities

If you're in a need of a space for a workshop, training, event, presentation or just a meeting for your team Homework HUB has you covered. Our 3 halls can host anywhere from eight to one hundred people.


Homework HUB has become richer for another partnership with the Biologists Association.We look forward to new cooperation and new activities with members of the Association.From 1.1.2022. Homework HUB will introduce new #green policies, and our new partners will help us
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Mirza Rastoder, director of Homework HUB participated in the panel discussion "Men against gender-based violence", at the invitation of the TPO Foundation, with the support of the British Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The panelists were also: prof. Dr. Damir
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Homework HUB together with the International University in Sarajevo on the 24th November 2021 planted two trees on the IUS Campus to mark the Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Trees are the symbol of the new, hopefully, long-lasting cooperation
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Tonight, a HUB lecture was held in the Miss Irby hall to mark the BiH Statehood Day. The lecturer was Dr. Denis Zvizdić, Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH.Dr. Zvizdić acquainted all present with
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Homework HUB & @aiesec.bih renewed their previously existing Cooperation Agreement. The renewal of the Agreement can be seen as a confirmation of the commitment to joint activities for young people, both for future young entrepreneurs and all members of this
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HUB team and HUB members are back from Hungary. During their study visit to Szeged, one of the largest university centers in Hungary, they attended a conference on the topic of The future of AI within the Visegrad four.In
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