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For a colleague!

The Office for Student Support and the Homework HUB, as part of the activities of the Cooperation Agreement, continue their activities in promoting support to students with learning difficulties. Last week at the HUB Homework, the Student Support Office presented its activities to HUB members. As part of this activity, HUB members became volunteers of the Office, who will help and support in scanning certain literature for students who are visually impaired or have some other learning difficulties.

In this regard, in the coming period, valuable teams will work on a campaign to promote volunteering and invite all their colleagues to respond to activities and set aside two hours a week and help someone who needs support and help.

HUBxUred volunteers visited the Office and took the time to learn how to use a scanner, which will help many to master the material and material they are studying.

Well done to all and we hope that the whole HUB family will get involved in this story, which teaches us collegiality, humanity, volunteerism, and the struggle for science and education.

We thank the Office for Student Support of the University of Sarajevo for its willingness to cooperate, welcome, spread knowledge, and give young people a chance to help their colleagues.

Ured za podršku studentima – UPS

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