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First day of HUB vaccination

Today, the first day of immunization was held in the Homework HUB in coordination with the Ministry of Health of the Sarajevo Canton.

We believe that is extremely important that we believe in science and we encourage young people to become socially responsible and get vaccinated.

Today students (local and foreign), media, professors, and elderly people, received the first, second, or third dose.

We invite everyone to do the same tomorrow from 10:00 to 14:00.

We thank the entire medical team that carried out the immunization process, that took their time to teach students about the importance of immunization, and why it is good for them.

Our HUB team member, Edin Sabljica received the third dose and said:

“Why get vaccinated? I think the answer is very simple. It is our only way out of the pandemic. Those who think that vaccines are not crucial or do not want to get vaccinated, there’s only one thing I wish to say, and that is that I somehow always choose to believe in science. Science never cheats and gives its best to carry out its main task. That’s why I think vaccination is important. “

See you tomorrow!