CYEX CAMP – Cyber security hackathon

Homework HUB team, consisting of Amina Katica and Edin Sabljica and HUB members: Benjamin Hodžić, PMF student and Hana Haljevac, FIT student, will stay in Budapest for the next 6 days as part of the CYEX Camp – Cybersecurity Competition, organized by MeOUT organization and, with the support of #InternationalVisegradFund and #4iGNyrt.

Teams made of competitors from the countries of the Western Balkans and the countries of Visegrad four are taking part in a #cybersecurity hackathon.

The HUB team called #HUBIT competed today in the semifinals and the orange color of HUB was defended by Benjo and Hana, who made it to the FINALS! Tomorrow our team will get a reinforcement, and we expect nothing less than… Stay tuned! And hold our fingers crossed!

Homework HUB takes great pleasure in participating in this project, especially because of the chance to provide HUB members with additional experience and knowledge!

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