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Mirza Rastoder, director of Homework HUB participated in the panel discussion “Men against gender-based violence”, at the invitation of the TPO Foundation, with the support of the British Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The panelists were also: prof. Dr. Damir Arsenijevic and Nikola Vucic. The discussion was moderated by Ms. Janita Zirdum.

“Education and the introduction of a gender education curriculum is the beginning of a solution to the problem of gender-based violence. Homework HUB works with young people, high school and university students, and is in constant communication with them, is a witness to the lack of systematic or institutional application of the regulations on gender-based violence. Whether it is physical or mental, violence is violence.

Unfortunately, many testify violence at their faculties, both from professors and colleagues, and we do not have adequate examples of the application of sanctions or any kind of actions. For example, most universities in Europe have started to introduce #UNISafe (Ending Gender-based Violence), and have already achieved first results at some Slovak universities, where 76% of surveyed students have experienced some form of violence, hatred, sexual jokes, while 46% of them experienced immoral offers. Both men and women were included in the research.

3% of them only reported to the competent authorities. Young people are growing up in universities and will later start a family and pass on what they have “learned” to their children, therefore, we must act urgently, so we don’t create a generation of bullies.

I think that we should talk about this topic constantly and act in time before it is too late, that is until someone becomes a victim. “

Through its activities Homework HUB promotes gender equality, a culture of dialogue and respect for the other and the different. Just like every year, as a part of the #16daysofactivism campaign, there will be a box in Homework HUB’s Miss Irby Hall: Write, don’t suffer! which aims to encourage all young people to write about violence, and to take action.